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Our weekend started off with finally setting up a bank account in our new city. Only 2.5 months after moving here…no biggie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This new bank is apparently really into dogs so we left with this free bandana so our dog can also rep the bank’s logo. Had to put it on Riku once for good measure.


What’s better than pizza after a long week? FREE pizza. Among the many coupons we get in the mail for being “new to the neighborhood” was a freebie from a nearby pizza joint. Yes please. Hit the spot!

Greg wasn’t feeling too hot so I took Riku on his evening walk and chatted on the phone with my brother for hours. [It’s his birthday today —ย HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE!]




We both woke up feeling fabulous and enjoyed our morning Riku walk together! It’s finally been feeling bearable outside since the heat has at least temporarily subsided. It’s a love-hate thing with this Southern weather, I tell ya.

Side note: Riku’s been crushing it on the walking front. He doesn’t pull much and stays by his human really well. All credit goes to the Gentle Leader.ย 

Next, got Greg a haircut before heading to brunch. Greenville has been very kind to us on this front. Found a winner of a hair stylist for both Greg & I on the first try. Score!

This brunch was a belated “YAY AMY IS FINALLY AN RD”ย celebration. I chose to give Tupelo Honey Cafe a shot. There’s several locations in Upstate SC, but we hadn’t been before and had heard mixed reviews.

biscuits with blueberry compote + tupelo honey

Their brunch menu sounds so delicious, but I will note that there were more savory options than sweet. And y’all — I’m 100% a sweets girl. Greg on the other hand is a burger and fries for breakfast guy. Savory all the way.

As such, I made sure to order this “Cinna-Biscuit” to make sure to quench that sweet tooth of mine in addition to our entrees. I didn’t realize they also gave out complimentary biscuits with blueberry compote & honey, otherwise I probably would have saved us some cash because the Cinna-Biscuit was not wonderful.

The biscuits though…perfection. Skip the Cinna-Biscuit and ask for more of their complimentary ones instead. The blueberry compote tasted exactly like a blueberry poptart filling.

I opted for a pear salad on bibb lettuce with farmer’s cheese, honey mustard dressing, and added some grilled chicken. In search of more delish carbs, I ordered a side of goat cheese grits. Sadly, they were watery & a bit of a let down like the Cinna-Biscuit. The salad was on point though!

Greg sure did get his burger! His came with a burger patty topped with pulled pork paired with a beer cheese sauce. That sauce made the burger. His fries were great too, but neither of us are that picky on potatoes…because….potatoes.


Greg hasn’t seen much of downtown Greenville [I’ve been lucky to see it while working], so after brunch we wandered around a little bit. Ran into several street performers. A magician + a bag pipes player!


We strolled around a bit so I could try to find at least one of the Mice on Main to show to Greg, but no luck. They are little brass mice hidden throughout Main street — very cute! We definitely need to go back to find them all to satisfy my curiosity.

The rest of our day was spent separate but together. We love sitting on the couch “doing our own thing” reading, Internet-ing, Riku petting, etc. while still being in the same proximity as each other so we can easily say “LOOK AT THIS HILARIOUS CAT VIDEO” without shouting up the stairs.

I went on a cleaning frenzy and tackled the kitchen and vacuuming. I also brushed Riku’s teeth & his coat. Any tips on keeping dog’s breath fresh? I feel like it’s gotten slightly worse than when we first got him. I give him dental chews daily and brush his teeth at least 3x per week. He’s due for a dental cleaning per his vet, but we are waiting until after his heartworm treatments to take care of that.

We also finally watched Moana! It was great. Aside from the main song everybody loves, Greg & I are hilariously into the song by one of the villains — the bedazzled crab — where he ย constantly sings “SHIINYYYYY.” We’ve been mocking it every since.



We have still been on the hunt for a church home here in Greenville. So we tried out another new one this morning, and unfortunately, it’s not the place for us! We shall just keep on trekkin’!


Honestly, I don’t have any pictures from Sunday! Oops! This blogging thing is obviously still a work in progress, but our Sunday was full of SO MUCH R&R. We pretty much took naps and did nothing substantial for the rest of the day. It was beautiful. Stay tuned for another nutrition-related post coming at you this week!


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  1. Girl, I watched Moana for the first time this past weekend, too!! And I can TOTALLY see you guys loving the Shiny song hahaha

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