This past year has been a straight-up roller coaster. But throughout the ups and downs, it was also a bit of a rediscovery of myself. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and everything in between.

Included in that in-between is my eating habits.

Challenging disordered eating thoughts and replacing them with those of a normal eater is not an easy or quick process. Some of these of been ingrained for so long even without us recognizing them.

From someone telling you how going gluten-free saved their soul or a new Netflix documentary scaring us away from the new enemy of the week [meat, dairy, grains, processed food, GMOs, etc. etc.] — these beliefs can trickle in.

We have to constantly block out these intrusive messages to help keep us sane!

During this time, I worked on continually breaking down some of these barriers I had up against certain foods. Sometimes I didn’t even realize I had built ‘em!

For me, some of these included, non-fat-free yogurt, white pasta/bread, candy, milk chocolate, + sweetened cocktails. You know what I gained?

Independent taste buds.

Independent from all the noise out there about what I “should” be eating not only as a dietitian or health professional, but as a human in this society. I don’t need someone else telling me what to like based on poorly supported claims or its nutritional value.

Here’s just some of what my taste buds told me:

  • Snickers is the superior candy bar. [Excluding Reese’s since they’re not technically a bar]
  • Fat-free yogurts can taste real funky sometimes. That rich, creaminess of some milkfat is to die for.
  • The hype surrounding crusty, white sourdough dipped in olive oil is totally deserved.
  • I don’t really like avocado toast that much. Or quinoa for that matter.
  • Honey peanut butter. No words.

I challenge you to challenge those food rules. Branch out. Grab something new at the grocery store that your inner critic is trying to convince you is “bad.” Rediscover what you truly enjoy + satisfies you!

Tell that inner food police to shut up and buy the BOGO strawberry licorice because it’s freaking delicious.

I may or may not have purchase these in bulk off Amazon. Target also carries it. You’re welcome.

Let’s chat.

What have your taste buds rediscovered?

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