pumpkin chocolate chip bread

pumpkin chocolate chip bread slice

A moist, melt-in-your mouth pumpkin loaf made with whole wheat flour, warm spices + chocolate, of course! It’s here everyone. As I’m writing this, it is the first day of fall 2017! I know I’m not alone in loving all things fall. Including both the weather + the food. Whether we want to admit it […]

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If you’re checking out this blog post to hear about the latest + greatest cleanse or detox to reset your body, ya ain’t gonna find it here. Cleanses/detoxes are not necessary nor are they backed by scientific evidence. Our liver + kidneys do an amazing job keeping our bodies “free of toxins” so that we […]

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hearty three bean turkey chili

turkey meat bean chili

A basic meat + beans chili recipe, without all the frills, to take you back to why this classic is a favorite in the first place! Culture + geographical location are both big parts of what influences our taste preferences + eating habits. When it comes to chili, each region has their own take on […]

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the dark side of diets

There’s often a feeling of excitement about starting a new diet, right? It almost feels like a whole new world of possibilities is within your grasp. It’s going to solve all your problems — boost your confidence, land you that dream job, find your prince charming. Except it doesn’t. We try out this diet for […]

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foods not to ruin your budget over

grocery shopping juices kombucha

There’s a good amount of talk out there about how eating “healthy” is so expensive. With all the marketing nowadays, there’s always a hot new item that we just have to have in order to be healthy + it just happens to be the most expensive option on the shelf. The thing is, we do […]

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labor day weekend recap

sullivans island beach south carolina

  Saturday Collin + Becca, our best buds + former best man/maid of honor, flew down from our hometown in Illinois to spend the weekend with us! Greg has known Collin since kindergarten + we met Becca early on in college. They’re the kind of lifelong friends who you pick right back up to where […]

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breaking it down: fats + oils

Before I even get into the nitty gritty of this post, I just want to say: fat does not make us fat. Good to get that off my chest. 🙂 Fat is crucial for several reasons such as: major fuel for energy + storage protects internal organs cell membranes component absorption of fat soluble vitamins […]

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oven roasted potatoes

Roasted potatoes may sound like a no-brainer, but there’s lots of different methods out there! This is my own version based off all the recipes that claim to be the best. I prefer my roasted potatoes to have crisp, browned exterior + a fluffy interior. Here’s how I do it. Choose the right potato. Potatoes vary based […]

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nutrition confusion

First, fat was evil. Wait, we can eat egg yolks now? What about cholesterol? Just kidding, let’s get rid of carbs instead. But sugar is also killing us now, right? Oh, and gluten, too. Confused, yet? Here’s the deal → Nutrition is a science, and a young one at that. It is still evolving so […]

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weight, what?

  So, I stopped using the scale a long time ago. I also hadn’t been weighed at a doctor’s office since then so I hadn’t dealt with that scale either. Until a couple months ago. I have chosen not to know my weight because I’ve found it to be best for me mentally. With a […]

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