Here’s a peek at some of what I’ve been digging lately!

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Iced coffee. But none of the plain stuff. I’ve been so into making my own french pressed coffee to pour over ice and top with various creamers [whaddup hazelnut!]. It’s been a journey with coffee — I used to only drink black with some sweetener for fear of adding cream or milk. Let’s be real, sweetened cream is delish, and life’s too short to miss out on that!

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Sweet Cherry Pie candle. In celebration of passing my RD exam last weekend — YAY!!!! — the hubs + I ventured to Bath & Body Works to take advantage of the awesome sale. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t as impressed with this year’s fall scents, just sayin’. I do, however, LOVE this candle. It’s got fantastic throw. The kind where the scent smacks you in the face when you come downstairs. That’s my kind of candle. My father-in-law would cringe so hard hearing me say that! ūüėČ


Love, Food podcast.¬†By Julie Duffy Dillon. A fellow RD takes “love letters” from listeners in which they describe their relationships/history with food. Tackles many relatable issues people come across in their relationship with food. It’s a quick listen (usually 20-30 minutes), and Julie’s tone is so reassuring and pleasant to hear! I love hearing so many different perspectives on others’ relationships with food. There’s comfort in knowing how many people are out there can relate to what you’ve experienced.

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Everything bagels with veggie cream cheese. Is this a common combination for anybody else? Greg is a Panera Bread cinnamon crunch with peanut butter guy. But my family grew up loving this. I sent a snapchat of it to my mom and sisters and literally all of them replied in agreement that this is a wonderfully nostalgic breakfast for us.


Married at First Sight.¬†This is one of those cheesy dating/relationship reality shows on Lifetime. One of those shows that doesn’t require much brain space to watch! These couples get “matched by experts” to get married to each other for a minimum of 8 weeks. At the end, they decide to stay married or get a divorce. It’s fascinating to see how people related to each other and their perspectives on marriage.

Riku.¬†[Bonus points if you can comment below where his name comes from — no Googling!] He’s pretty much my top favorite currently. We finally took the plunge after me whining for over a year to get a dog. I’ll be honest, we’re not really¬†“dog people.”¬†We would have loved to get a cat, but Greg is 100% too allergic to deal with that. Also not about to drop a pretty penny to get a hypoallergenic breed.

So, dog it is! I am slowly being converted to a dog person, though. The unconditional love and forcing me to get outside to take him on walks has done so much for my mental health.

And he’s just really cute.


Although, lemme tell you a few of the “issues” we’ve got going on with Riku.

1. Marking inside.

This thankfully only lasted for the first week mostly. His previous adopters (only kept him for 3 days and had children/other pets), could not handle this quirk. We’ve already got him trained to stay downstairs on hardwood flooring so no peeing has occurred on carpet!¬†

2. Heartworm positive.

I knew¬†nothing about heartworms prior to adopting Riku. Luckily, the shelter is paying for his treatment so this is mostly just a slight inconvenience¬†to have to take him to get his 3 injections over the course of these 2 months. And he’s on exercise restriction, but that’s no biggie either!¬†

3. NOT crate-trained.

Previous owners said he was crate-trained….HA. He did great going in the crate at night and when we left for a few hours. Until about a week in. We were gone for 2 hours and when we got home, there was Riku. Sitting on his couch bed. WHAT. He completely bent the metal cage and wiggled his way out. Putting marks in the wall as he did so. In this process, HE RIPPED OUT 2 OF HIS TEETH. I felt so, so bad! All that to say, we now leave him out of the crate and he does just fine with free range of the lower level. Phew.

 Enjoy my obnoxious praising of him below while teaching some basic commands.


Let’s chat.

What’s your go-to bagel combination?

Any tips for us new dog owners?

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