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It’s time for another favorites post — this time a fall favorites! This is another one of those posts that I always love scrolling through on other blogs. Maybe I’m just nosy, but regardless, if you also curious about what someone else has been enjoying lately, read on!


green body wash st ives pear scent

St. Ives Body Wash // Specifically in this Pear Nectar & Soy flavor…I mean, scent. It smells so much like a pear that I feel like I could eat it. Not really, of course, but you know. I will say, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed + distracted the other day and I definitely accidentally used this as shampoo. On the plus side — my entire body from my hair to my toes smelled like pears + it was marvelous!

Leaves Scented Candle // Bath & Body Works literally gets me every time. I am such a sucker for their candles and their candles alone. I just know that they will smell strongly and last a long time whereas it’s a gamble with other brands! There’s nothing worse than paying $10-20+ for a candle only to find out it smells like nothing when you light it. I’ve been loving the “Leaves” scent — it’s hard to describe, but it almost has a hint of evergreen combined with apple + spices. It’s not overly sweet smelling like some of the baked goods scents.

rd real talk podcast by heather caplan

RD Real Talk podcast // I have such a wide variety of podcasts that I enjoy, but I wanted to share another dietitian/nutrition-related one with you this month not only because it’s great, but also because I was a guest! I’ll be honest — I felt like quite the tiny fish in a sea of some really great, wise big fish RDs that are typically on the show. But It was a lovely opportunity to chat with Heather and she was such a great host + made me feel so comfortable. We chatted a bit about how I got into dietetics, intuitive eating, a new ED-related phone app, etc. I even share a pretty embarrassing real talk moment for you all. Check it out on three different platforms: iTunes, SoundCloud, + Stitcher!

The Mindy Project // I remember when this TV show first aired on Hulu. I enjoyed it, made it through a season or so, then promptly forgot about it. Now, I’ve picked it back up and been trucking right along and am almost finished with the final season. In general, it’s about an OB/GYN office of eclectic medical professionals with the lead role being Mindy herself. She’s a super quirky, overly blunt gynecologist who gets herself into some pretty interesting situations. I’m typically not very into sitcoms — which is odd, I know, since literally everyone loves shows like The Office, Parks & Rec, etc. I just can’t get into them. But The Mindy Project works for me! It’s great to watch while I multi-task making dinner, folding laundry, brushing Riku, etc.

Pizza // I have to mention this one because a) we can’t have a favorites post without at least 1 food item and b) this craving is finally fizzling out. Guys, I don’t get it, but I never really thought pizza was that special. Like, I thought it was weird when people would say it was their favorite food. Welp. My taste buds changed a bit over the past few months [no, I’m not pregnant] and I’ve been so. into. pizza. We literally, on average, had pizza about once a week, plus leftovers. That’s unusual for us since I typically like to really mix things up every week when I’m planning out meal options! We’ve done homemade, take out, delivery, take & bakes (30% off at Lidl making for a $3.60 large cheese pizza! Unbeatable!). Anyways, just thought I’d share that pizza is great. 😉

via http://www.wyff4.com/article/lidl-announces-grand-opening-dates-for-upstate-stores/9949720

Lidl // I am an Aldi girl at heart, but y’all. We’ve got a new German grocery store in town. And it’s really good. Every time I go there, I feel like I’m cheating on Aldi, but I can’t help myself! In honor of their grand openings, the first couple of months they had $5 off $30 coupons every week! I couldn’t beat that at Aldi, so I kept going back. Compared to Aldi, it’s a bigger, open layout store, more brand name options, more non-food items, and a bakery section. I found their prices to be comparable to Aldi with some even beating them. I’m skeptical if they can continue to keep their prices even lower than Aldi, but we will find out! Some items I like at Aldi better and some at Lidl, just depends. Unfortunately, Lidl has just launched in the U.S. so they are mostly along the East Coast, but they’ve been expanding!

two dogs walking together

Doggie Walk Dates // Another perk to having a dog over a cat is taking them on walks! Which, to some, may actually be a negative. I get that, too! It does suck up more of your spare time than a cat would. But it’s allowed me to spend extra time outdoors and get in some truly joyful movement. I love walking the neighborhood and chatting with others walking their dogs, watering their plants, etc. Even all the kids riding their bikes over to ask to pet Riku. It just makes me really happy connecting with strangers like that! Also, we met a lovely dog-human combo through our dog training classes. Spending time with Oliver [dog] + Kelly [human] has become a weekly part of our routine. The dogs get to practice their training, have a long walk in the park, get Starbucks puppuccinos, + play together. Us humans get some fun chatting in, too!

dog eating starbucks puppuccino whipped cream
that whipped cream mustache, though

Virtual Coffee Dates // I recently reached out to a fellow RD blogger in the anti-diet world to see if she wanted to have a “virtual coffee date” aka FaceTime. I followed her social media accounts and blog and she seemed like a wonderful human. We are at a very similar place in our lives/career/both our names are Amy and we hit it off great! Anyways, she’s been so wonderful to connect with on a weekly basis and I’m so grateful for technology to introduce us to people miles away. It’s an amazing thing. Anyways, this is my PSA to reach out to people and don’t be afraid to shoot someone you enjoy following a DM on Instagram. Usually, they’re just a regular ole person who would love to hear from you!


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What are some of your current fall favorites?

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