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donuts sprinkles chocolate glaze

I’ve got a new style of post for y’all today! It’s a mish-mash of random meals + snacks that I’ve had over the past few weeks or so. The disclaimer with this post [and any other blogger’s post of this kind] is to remember that it’s not all inclusive. I don’t always remember to take a picture of all my snacks in a day or if I went back for second portions at dinner.

This is not meant to be used as a meal plan guide but rather some meal inspiration. Maybe it’s just the dietitian in me, but I always like seeing what others are enjoying for meals, and it typically makes me want to try something new! Let’s get into it!


peanut butter and jelly toast pear slices greek yogurt
PB&J toast + greek yogurt + pear slices

For all of my breakfasts, there’s always coffee involved whether I caught it on camera or not. Lately, since it’s been so hot for the past, like, forever, I’ve been all about iced coffee made using my french press. I’ve been digging a splash of creamer + stevia as well! I recently tried a vanilla almond milk creamer, and it was really tasty! I liked the flavor even better than just regular dairy creamer.

oatmeal with walnuts pears cinnamon iced coffee cream
oatmeal topped with walnuts, pears, + cinnamon // creamy iced coffee

I was really trying to make fall happen in the south with some hot oatmeal, but that lasted one day. It was yummy, but I’m just not quite ready [read: the weather isn’t ready] for a warm breakfast!

breakfast with greek yogurt pumpkin chocolate chip bread orange slices
pumpkin chocolate chip bread + greek yogurt + orange slices

My pumpkin chocolate chip bread has been coming through for me for breakfast, snacks, & desserts. I took a loaf from the freezer and it was just as good as freshly baked!

glazed donuts with sprinkles coffee

We tried out a local donut shop called The Donut Experiment, and it did not disappoint. I was expecting pre-made donuts, but here, it’s all cake donuts, and you select your icing + topping. We got a batch literally minutes after they were finished and it was the perfect level of soft, melt-in-your-mouth + crisp exterior. Our flavor combo choices included: apple pie, chocolate + peanut butter, raspberry + rainbow sprinkles, vanilla + fruity pebbles, maple + bacon, and caramel + candy bar.


saltine crackers in a hand

No, I’m not pregnant. I just really had this craving for saltine crackers, so that’s what I got! Sometimes I spread them with PB &/or jelly, but I also was loving them totally plain.

It’s been a bit of a throwback with both these snacks! It had been quite awhile since the hubs and I had eaten the ice cream sandwiches, and boy oh boy did they hit the spot. It was our evening ritual to each grab one and savor it after dinner. Also, what’s the best flavor of pop tart? This debate could divide households. 😉 Tell me in the comments!

In honor of the Mid-Autumn / Moon Festival, I picked up a couple of moon cakes for us to enjoy. I waited until literally the last day to pick them up so we ended up with the bottom of the barrel moon cakes for that day, but it was the thought that counts! For those who are unaware, moon cakes are a Chinese pastry filled with things such as red bean or lotus seed paste. They often also have an egg yolk in the center and have a beautiful ornate design on the top.

Lunches // Dinners

massaged kale salad topped with leftover BBQ chicken // leftover summer veggie gnocchi // tortilla chips

I’ve mentioned before blog that l don’t totally love kale. However, I wanted to give it another shot and do it right. I made sure to massage it with some olive oil and salt, and I’ll be honest: I enjoyed it! It was nice to prep a whole bunch of kale and be able to eat it with lunches throughout the week. I’d do it again. Also, that summer gnocchi is from a recipe via Rachael Hartley — super tasty + easy to whip up!

leftover hawaiian pizza // romaine with cucumber, grape tomatoes, croutons, + italian dressing

Random craving: an Olive Garden-esque salad. Romaine, grape tomatoes, cucumber, Italian dressing, and garlic croutons. It’s been really hitting the spot lately. Now as I’m writing this post, this salad sounds pretty good for dinner tonight, too! 😉

massaged kale salad with barbeque chicken mozzarella zucchini and crackers
massaged kale topped with zucchini, BBQ chicken, + mozzarella // wasa crackers

More of that massaged kale! I remember really enjoying this meal combo, but was definitely hungry approximately 2 seconds later so I had more crackers and a slice of pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Listen to yo body, folks! It doesn’t matter if you “just ate lunch,” if you’re body is saying feed me, we need to abide!

baked potato topped with black beans, corn, cheese, + plain greek yogurt // roasted broccoli + cauliflower
macaroni and cheese with chicken and side of roasted vegetables
Kraft macaroni + cheese with grilled chicken // roasted cauliflower + brussels sprouts

I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to give the good ole Kraft macaroni + cheese a try since I loved it as a kid. Spoiler: it wasn’t as good as I remembered. Yeah, I guess I officially prefer homemade mac + cheese! I love the many varieties from Pinch of Yum!

homemade whole wheat pizza crust with cheese and basil side of brussels sprouts
homemade cheese pizza // roasted brussels sprouts

Another thing I’ve been really into lately — like for months now — is pizza. I get that most people love pizza, but I never felt that strongly about it. Welp, the tides have turned. Now I just want pizza all the time, so we’ve been having it more often than usual + it’s delish.

spaghetti pie pasta casserole

Lastly, of course, during the lovely period of recipe testing, we’ve had spaghetti pie almost nonstop for the past 2 weeks. Thank goodness both Greg + I love it!



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    1. My husband would totally agree with you that s’mores is up there in the top flavors. I think brown sugar cinnamon & strawberry or cherry are my top! Isn’t it the worst when you have a snack you’re really excited to eat only to find your spouse/family has gotten to it first? :p

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