daily value

Daily value. And I’m not talking about that percentage on the nutrition label. We’re going deeper than that.

It’s “cool” to eat “healthy,” right? Not in the moderation sense, but in the eating only “good” food while shunning all “bad” foods. Black and white thinking.

There’s a small part of my dietitian-self thinking “Woo! People using food as medicine for disease prevention!”

Then there’s the other part of me — the part that knows how these “healthy” mentalities can spiral — quickly. Into a variety of disordered eating patterns.

We claim we aren’t dieting anymore. But just renaming diets as a lifestyle change is still a diet. It’s still ruling over lives and causing us to sacrifice satisfaction and socialization for the sake of “health.”

Clean eating. Paleo. Veganism. Low carb. Cleanses. The list goes on.

When did we decide it would be a good idea to let our eating habits determine our value? Our identity.




There is so much more to a person than how they eat.

Even as a dietitian, one who arguably should care the most about what you’re putting in your mouth, I DON’T CARE.

If I’m trying to get to know you and build a relationship, I would much rather hear about your story.

[And I’m not talking about your “health or fitness journey,” either.]

Tell me your passions. Your dreams. All about your family. Your beliefs.



People are out their chasing health by trying to follow the newest fad or poorly backed nutrition claims. You’re just running in circles. We are losing sight of our value to society — that daily value that has absolutely nothing to do with your diet.

You are NOT your diet or “lifestyle change”

You are NOT just a vegan.

You are a human being. With thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

shout out to Kim who finds her identity in being a cat lady 😉

Let’s find our identity in that instead of a food label. Today, I challenge you to take a step back. Are you finding your sole identity in your eating habits or fitness routine?

What happens if you cannot work out at that same intensity anymore?

Or if you can no longer afford the latest pint of low-calorie, high-protein ice cream?

It shouldn’t send you into an identity crisis.

You bring something unique and powerful to this world regardless of what you put into your mouth.


Let’s chat.

What do you find your identity in?

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