abundantly enough facebook group community

Abundantly Enough (AE) is first + foremost a facebook community focused on fostering healthy relationships with food + our bodies. Run by two non-diet Registered Dietitians, we are passionate about helping others find overall wellness without restriction or shame. Instead, we aim to focus on emotional, physical, mental, + social aspects of health rather than body size.

You can join us by following the button below to be added to our group! It’s free — all you need is a facebook account!

We are both named Amy, so I’ll refer to myself as Amy S + the other Amy as Amy H! To check out Amy H’s blog, Satisfy Nutrition, click here.

We’ve also produced a series of blog posts to cover the basics of developing a healthy relationship towards food, body, + overall wellness. Read our introduction post here, + check out all the others below! [Links to be added once each post is published]

1) Intuitive Eating + Health at Every Size
2) Body Acceptance
3) Stress
4) Sleep
5) Food
6) Movement