my food journey

Trigger Warning: In this post, I’m going to describe my personal experience with disordered eating. If that may be a trigger for you, go ahead and skip this post! I’ll be back next week with another. This post is a little bit different than some of my others. Why you may ask? Because I’m getting […]

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weekend recap: fnce 2017

chicago city skyline

I love my career choice for many reasons but another fantastic aspect is the great community. Relative to other professions, there’s a fairly small group of us dietitians in the United States. A quick Google search tells me there’s less than 100,000 whereas there’s over 3 million nurses, for example. But don’t fret, we’re a […]

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fall favorites

It’s time for another favorites post — this time a fall favorites! This is another one of those posts that I always love scrolling through on other blogs. Maybe I’m just nosy, but regardless, if you also curious about what someone else has been enjoying lately, read on!   St. Ives Body Wash // Specifically in […]

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eats lately

donuts sprinkles chocolate glaze

I’ve got a new style of post for y’all today! It’s a mish-mash of random meals + snacks that I’ve had over the past few weeks or so. The disclaimer with this post [and any other blogger’s post of this kind] is to remember that it’s not all inclusive. I don’t always remember to take […]

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labor day weekend recap

sullivans island beach south carolina

  Saturday Collin + Becca, our best buds + former best man/maid of honor, flew down from our hometown in Illinois to spend the weekend with us! Greg has known Collin since kindergarten + we met Becca early on in college. They’re the kind of lifelong friends who you pick right back up to where […]

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weekend recap

FRIDAY Our weekend started off with finally setting up a bank account in our new city. Only 2.5 months after moving here…no biggie. 😉 This new bank is apparently really into dogs so we left with this free bandana so our dog can also rep the bank’s logo. Had to put it on Riku once […]

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Here’s a peek at some of what I’ve been digging lately! Iced coffee. But none of the plain stuff. I’ve been so into making my own french pressed coffee to pour over ice and top with various creamers [whaddup hazelnut!]. It’s been a journey with coffee — I used to only drink black with some […]

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This past year has been a straight-up roller coaster. But throughout the ups and downs, it was also a bit of a rediscovery of myself. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and everything in between. Included in that in-between is my eating habits. Challenging disordered eating thoughts and replacing them with those of a normal eater […]

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