is healing your relationship with food worth it?

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In response to the title: YES! Healing our relationships with food + exercise is absolutely worth it. It allows us to live our life to the fullest without being under the control of negative food thoughts + compulsions. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. There’s something truly magical about connecting […]

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how to eat during the holidays

It’s that time again, folks! Holiday season. For some of you, it may have started the day after Halloween with all your decorations + Christmas music blaring! 😉 I’m a “must wait until after Thanksgiving” gal, myself, but you do you! The holidays can be stressful, but let’s not allow food fears to add to […]

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what to do when you’re out of your routine

traveling on an airplane for vacation

Having just come back from a wonderful weekend in Chicago [Yay, FNCE 2017!], it got me thinking a bit about routines. And how they can be so helpful yet, also make us feel crazy, depending on the degree to which we stick to them. I’ll be the first to admit that I find watching “morning […]

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If you’re checking out this blog post to hear about the latest + greatest cleanse or detox to reset your body, ya ain’t gonna find it here. Cleanses/detoxes are not necessary nor are they backed by scientific evidence. Our liver + kidneys do an amazing job keeping our bodies “free of toxins” so that we […]

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nutrition confusion

First, fat was evil. Wait, we can eat egg yolks now? What about cholesterol? Just kidding, let’s get rid of carbs instead. But sugar is also killing us now, right? Oh, and gluten, too. Confused, yet? Here’s the deal → Nutrition is a science, and a young one at that. It is still evolving so […]

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weight, what?

  So, I stopped using the scale a long time ago. I also hadn’t been weighed at a doctor’s office since then so I hadn’t dealt with that scale either. Until a couple months ago. I have chosen not to know my weight because I’ve found it to be best for me mentally. With a […]

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gentle nutrition

  In the non-diet world, there are several books that are the books to read. One of the most popular being Intuitive Eating [affiliate link] by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole. These two dietitians developed their philosophy with 10 principles to help us find food freedom. The principles are as follows: Reject the Diet Mentality Honor your Hunger […]

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daily value

Daily value. And I’m not talking about that percentage on the nutrition label. We’re going deeper than that. It’s “cool” to eat “healthy,” right? Not in the moderation sense, but in the eating only “good” food while shunning all “bad” foods. Black and white thinking. There’s a small part of my dietitian-self thinking “Woo! People using […]

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on a budget: making the list

As both a young newlywed + dietetic intern [aka I’m not bringing home the bacon just yet… shout-out to the hubs!], my household is on a limited budget. More specifically, we’ve been using the budgeting website called “You Need a Budget” or “YNAB” per my sister’s recommendation. There was definitely a learning curve, but we […]

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