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Hey there!

Today is an exciting day. Why? Because Amy Hanneke [of Satisfy Nutrition] + I have teamed up to launch Abundantly Enough! What the heck is Abundantly Enough? Glad you asked — let me tell you alllll about it! 😉

Abundantly Enough (AE) is first + foremost a community focused on fostering healthy relationships with food + our bodies. Run by two non-diet Registered Dietitians, we are passionate about helping others find overall wellness without restriction or shame. Instead, we aim to focus on emotional, physical, mental, + social aspects of health rather than body size.

What can you expect?

We will share nutrition information, host live video discussions, facilitate virtual book clubs, provide cooking tips + tricks, promote body positivity, discuss current nutrition fads, and more! This group is meant to be a two-way conversation. So feel free to chime in, post questions, and engage in conversation! There’s no pressure or judgement here, just forming connections + learning/growing with one another.

In addition, there won’t be any food or body bashing or diet talk going on in this group! We know that diets don’t work, nor does shaming ourselves into “being healthy.” We strive to take a different approach + want that to translate into a group atmosphere full of respect + positivity. While also being real about the struggles of daily life. 😉

Joining is free, you’ll just need to have a Facebook account! It is a “closed” group simply to respect everyone’s privacy. Amy + I will add you ASAP once you request to join by following this link!

The blog series

In addition to the AE facebook group, we will both be sharing weekly blog posts on some of the basics of overall wellness. While each post will be centered around the same topic, Amy + I will be writing individual posts to provide you with two different perspectives + interpretations to meet you where you’re at. Week one will start next Wednesday and will continue for six weeks! [But don’t worry, the Facebook group won’t end at 6 weeks — it will be here to stay!] Here’s a sneak peek at our topic schedule to get y’all excited for what’s to come!

1) Intuitive Eating + Health at Every Size
2) Self Acceptance
3) Stress
4) Sleep
5) Food
6) Movement

I’ve included a little bit about each of us below, but we are so stoked to get to know more about you guys as well through this lovely community!

amy beth shen rd

Amy Shen

Hi there! My name’s Amy Shen, one half of the Amy team of Abundantly Enough! I’m a Registered Dietitian passionate about intuitive eating + helping others find joy + freedom with food. As many others, I’ve experienced the harsh effects that diet culture can have on our relationship with food + I’ve made it my mission to not promote that in my practice as a dietitian. I grew up in central Illinois, + now live in South Carolina with my husband Greg + our fluffy doggo, Riku. I love to bake + cook, watch Netflix, take long walks with our pup, attend group exercise classes, + have virtual/IRL coffee dates with those I love!

amy hanneke rd owner of satisfy nutrition

Amy Hanneke

Hey y’all! I’m Amy Hanneke, the “other” Amy of Abundantly Enough! I’m a Registered Dietitian who believes in designing a life that allows you to thrive through Health at Every Size and intuitive eating. I’m originally from St. Louis, MO and now live in the tiniest town in SE Idaho with my husband Andrew + our floof, Pascal the kitten! I love a good barre class, Friends reruns, Taco Tuesdays (or every day), and cat snuggles. I’m so excited to dive in and build this community with you!



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