food freedom

fruit oranges pears pomegrantes

I posed a question to a patient one day that went something like this: “What would it feel like to not have food rules anymore?” The response? Freedom. Freedom can be defined in many ways, including: “The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved” “Unrestricted use of something” “The state of not being subject to […]

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the best soft sugar cookies

sugar cookie dough frosted christmas shapes

Perfectly soft sugar cookies topped with luscious cream cheese frosting just begging for sprinkles!   You guys. These are it. Gone are the days of crispy + crunchy sugar cookies. Because in my personal opinion, if it ain’t soft, it’s just not right. My other issue with sugar cookies is the icing. I totally love […]

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finding satisfaction in food

coffee enjoy

Hi, friends! I’m Amy Hanneke (not to be confused with Amy Shen!) and I’m guest blogging over here to talk about satisfaction! We did a little blog swap today – click over to my blog here to see Amy S’s post! What is satisfaction + why is it important? When it comes to food, I […]

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