joyful movement

Today’s topic is one of the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating [affiliate link] To read a little bit more about these principles check out this post, too! If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought “joyful” and “movement” could be one and the same, I probably would have laughed. Because most of what we hear […]

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pumpkin chocolate chip bread

pumpkin chocolate chip bread slice

A moist, melt-in-your mouth pumpkin loaf made with whole wheat flour, warm spices + chocolate, of course! It’s here everyone. As I’m writing this, it is the first day of fall 2017! I know I’m not alone in loving all things fall. Including both the weather + the food. Whether we want to admit it […]

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If you’re checking out this blog post to hear about the latest + greatest cleanse or detox to reset your body, ya ain’t gonna find it here. Cleanses/detoxes are not necessary nor are they backed by scientific evidence. Our liver + kidneys do an amazing job keeping our bodies “free of toxins” so that we […]

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hearty three bean turkey chili

turkey meat bean chili

A basic meat + beans chili recipe, without all the frills, to take you back to why this classic is a favorite in the first place! Culture + geographical location are both big parts of what influences our taste preferences + eating habits. When it comes to chili, each region has their own take on […]

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the dark side of diets

There’s often a feeling of excitement about starting a new diet, right? It almost feels like a whole new world of possibilities is within your grasp. It’s going to solve all your problems — boost your confidence, land you that dream job, find your prince charming. Except it doesn’t. We try out this diet for […]

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foods not to ruin your budget over

grocery shopping juices kombucha

There’s a good amount of talk out there about how eating “healthy” is so expensive. With all the marketing nowadays, there’s always a hot new item that we just have to have in order to be healthy + it just happens to be the most expensive option on the shelf. The thing is, we do […]

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labor day weekend recap

sullivans island beach south carolina

  Saturday Collin + Becca, our best buds + former best man/maid of honor, flew down from our hometown in Illinois to spend the weekend with us! Greg has known Collin since kindergarten + we met Becca early on in college. They’re the kind of lifelong friends who you pick right back up to where […]

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